The Points Calculator

*Professor's Research & Pikachu From Celebrations Is Deemed Celeb. Holo not a FA.

Enter Your Bulk Amounts To Calculate Your Points

The Points System

Energy: 0.25

Trainer: 1

Com/Unc: 2

Rare: 3

Reverse: 6

Holo: 10

Celeb. Holo: 4

Celeb. V: 50

Celeb. VMAX: 60

Promo. V, EX, GX, VSTAR: 75

V, EX, GX, tG, VSTAR: 90

VMAX: 130

SV, FA, AR: 100

gold/Rainbow: 200

Coins: 5

JPN V, EX, GX, tG, VSTAR: 50


JPN SV, FA, AR: 50


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